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Custom LCD Products

Custom LCD ProductsDon't see what you need in our standard products?  The chances are excellent that we can make it for you. In this area of our website we have the custom product request forms and parameters. 

In the Technical section of the website we offer additional technical information to help you define the parameters needed to create a custom LCD. 

We also offer a quick and easy way to get a custom LCD in your product. 
 Call or email us and we will walk you through the procedure.

  (1) Getting Started
So, you have an application that requires a non-standard Liquid Crystal Display.  This could be an application from a a specialized set of icons and digits on a piece of LCD glass, to a customized dot matrix graphic LCD module with an integrated key pad and touch screen.  The first thing to do is to generate an accurate set preliminary specifications that will describe this Custom LCD device.  So, whether you are a novice or expert at this, we have provided an easy to use Design Worksheets for both LCD Glass and LCD Module applications for you to get you started:

   Custom LCD Glass Design Worksheet:

Custom LCD Glass ChecklistPlease open this link to a PDF data sheet that has the Design Worksheet for a Custom LCD Glass product. This is a standalone LCD glass only product without any drivers, backlight, or circuit board.   Print this form out and get ready to fill it in.

   Custom LCD Module Design Worksheet:

Custom LCD Module ChecklistPlease open this link to a PDF data sheet that has the Design Worksheet for a Custom LCD Module product. This is a LCD Module product that can contain Alphanumeric / Graphic control circuitry, Backlight, touch screen, and many other self contained options.  Print this form out and get ready to fill it in.

  (2) Specifying Your LCD Product (& getting help if needed)
Now that you have the Custom LCD Design Worksheet, you may have questions about some of the terminology or parameters that are needed to specify a custom LCD.

   Custom LCD Design Basics:
Custom LCD Design Basics
To help you along, we have created this primer filled with useful LCD information in an interactive section of our website.  This should get you started and answer your questions regarding the parameters required to specify a custom LCD.

If you still need additional information, you can always give one of our applications engineers a call or send them an email:

They will be more than happy to answer your questions and work with you to create the LCD you have always wanted.

  (3) Getting a Quotation and Feedback

The form is finished (or at least contains enough information to get us started), and you have an image or drawing of what you want.  Now comes the easy part, either scan and email, or fax, the completed Design Worksheet (and any support documentation) to Pacific Display Devices.

   PDD Custom LCD Quotation Submission: 
Submit Quotation RequestNow follow this link to the contact information you will need at Pacific Display Devices to submit your LCD Design Worksheet.

All of our data sheets proudly use the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have this viewing program, use the link provided to investigate downloading this FREE Reader for your professional viewing.

Whatever your design needs, Pacific Display Devices has the LCD display solution

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