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Technical Information and Application Notes

Deciding to integrate Liquid Crystal Display into your product, and doing it without any surprises, requires a good understanding of the product.  This page provides online engineering information to make your design using Liquid Crystal Display Glass and LCD Modules easier.

  LCD General Application Notes
     Basics of LCD Operation - How light is controlled to give you a readable display
     LCD Viewing Modes & Polarizers - Reflective / Transflective / Transmissive Technology and their relation to backlighting
     LCD Operating Modes - The technology behind TN, STN, and FSTN LCD displays
     LCD Viewing Angles - Optimize the contrast of the LCD display to the angle to which it is viewed
     LCD Contrast Adjustment and Temp Compensation - Voltage bias requirements of the LCD to control the display contrast
     LCD Temperature Range Selection - This is determined by LCD fluid, polarizers, operational voltage, and multiplex rate.
     LCD Interconnection; Heatseals, Elastomers, & Pins - Determining the best way to mount your LCD to your project.
     LCD Backlighting - Background lighting mythologies used for LCD viewing in low and no light conditions
     LCD Design Basics - Design considerations and definitions used when creating a custom LCD.
     LCD Static Drive Technology - Electrical considerations using static drive for the LCD segments
     LCD Multiplex Drive and Bias Technology - Electrical considerations using multiplex drive and biasing for the LCD segments.
     Glossary of LCD Terminology - Definition of the terms used to describe LCD functionality and applications

  LCD Glass and Module Application Notes and Publications
     LCD Module Interface Information - Electrical & software interface information for LCD Module Interface.
     LCD Reference Publications - Publications of LCD books and technology

  LCD Technology Reference Data Sheets
     LCD Controller & Driver ICs - Data sheets for the controllers and drivers used with our LCD Glass and Module Products
     DC-DC & DC-AC Power Supply Information - Data sheets for the power inverters to be used with Backlights & LCD biasing
     Touch Screen Information - Data sheets for Touch Screens and Controllers used with our LCD Module products

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